Set In Stone & Granite Sealer and Maintenance Program

A regular maintenance regimen will help your natural stone become resistant to staining and wear. A quality impregnating sealer penetrates stone, allows the stone to breath and permits more of the stone's natural beauty to shine through.

Clean, Seal, and Recaulk (CSR) Service
  • Call for pricing.
This would include:

  • Cleaning entire surface with a specified cleaning agent and solvent to remove any impurities prior resealing.
  • Apply sealer to entire area to be sealed, wipe clean insuring no sealer residues have been left behind.
  • Remove any old decomposed caulking.
  • Re-caulk any and all areas where caulk has shrunk or is nonexistent (this would include where the granite backsplash meets the wall or countertop, and where the countertop meets the sink.)